Localfood – a new portal for local food


Final exams

I made this project as my final exam at Novia University of Applied Sciences in Jakobstad. Logotype, UX experience, website, personas, user testing, marketing and what about the future? I have had to think about a lot of steps and consider the user because my target group is people interested in local food.

As my Bachelor’s Thesis I wanted to make a magazine for local food producers in South of Finland. After a meeting with a group of four we decided that I should do a website instead of a magazine, and so I did. After the meeting I was somehow nervous because I had never done a website before. Earlier I hadn’t used WordPress for websites neither did I know how to start everything up. But I looked up all the things that I didn’t understand and after six months I finally published the final website. I learned how to use WordPress when making websites and a lot of other things that came with the project. This was fun!

I have done everything except the texts that are written for the website. I contacted an old friend and asked him to help me. Today he is studying to become a journalist in Helsinki. Many thanks to him!


Project Details

Bachelor’s Thesis
Date: April 2014
Skills: Marketing, Graphic design, UX Experience, Web Design, Photography
View: www.localfood.fi

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When the name Localfood was decided for the project I started designing the logotype. I looked at other similar logotypes, what colors and fonts had the been using? I made different examples and finally I found one that I liked for this project.

Graphic Element

When making the graphic manual I came up with the idea of making a graphic element from the logo. If Localfood someday in the future needs a brochure this kind of element might be used.


While being creative with the logotype I begun with the website. I didn’t know for sure if I could finalize this project. Therefore I started early with the website. The time we had to do this was short, but I did it. Please visit www.localfood.fi.


In this slider I have included both pages from my book ( the text we had to write about the project) and the graphic manual for Localfood. The website also includes photos I have taken for this project.

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